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Message From Our Founder

We've walked in your shoes.

A message from the founder of Courtyard Manor of Wixom, Michigan

My family has dealt with my daughter's mental illness every day for more than 20 years. It's a never-ending quest. At first, we didn't find a lot of help, nor did we find a positive, long-term outlook. I know … it is a very difficult decision to place your loved one in someone else's care. The last thing you want is for them to end up "in the system," overmedicated, with no prospects for progress.

However, we have learned how to brighten our residents' futures by keeping them active, stimulated and on the least amount of medication necessary. The result has been a much higher quality of life … and demonstrable progress. There is a lot we can do for our special population!

I'm proud of the work we do.

At Courtyard Manor of Wixom, we have worked very hard to:

We are passionate about our residents' quality of life! Staff members, from our staff psychiatrist to a kitchen assistant, deeply care. I hear it from families and the mental health organizations with whom we work. Our care, in turn, motivates our residents to care.

Our very special staff is also creative in finding new practices others haven’t tried ... with amazing results. Other facilities have copied not only our structure but our successful methods.

Here, you'll find hope.

More importantly, we significantly reduce rehospitalization rates. Before people come to live with us, they have an average rehospitalization rate of 60%. After participating in our program for a year or two, re-admissions plummet to somewhere around 1%.

In fact, we have many residents who progress enough to move into more independent living settings. We take great pride in the progress of our special community.

You can't be here 24/7. But you can be assured that we share your passion about the care of your loved one. Our care shows, every day. Please … visit us. Observe employees and residents. See how they interact. And witness the difference!

– Founder Ken Alflen
Courtyard Manor of Wixom

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