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Your loved one is in good hands.

Staff at Courtyard Manor of Wixom, Michigan Courtyard Manor of Wixom employs an experienced and dedicated team of mental health professionals who are passionate about their profession.

Our doctors regularly examine patients in-house, and a registered nurse and social workers are available to assess and treat ever-evolving needs in order to prevent crisis and avoid hospitalization.

Our objectives include:

We believe in thorough screening and continuing education.

Each potential employee is thoroughly scrutinized and then extensively trained in special mental health concerns and behaviors, how to meet our population's unique needs, and how to identify early warning signs so they can immediately report any changes in status to the clinical team.

We have a low staff turnover rate and continue to work to reduce it. One way we get there is by employing only those individuals who truly have a passion for helping others.

So it's no wonder that our residents thrive on personal relationships they develop with our staff over the long run and honestly feel like part of the family at Courtyard Manor of Wixom.

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